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The stunning Sumiko and Mesmerizing Monroe face off in this awesome multi-fall battle where the only way to claim victory is with a ten count pin!  Both ladies look incredible in one piece thong leotards as the battle begins, with each girl having their moments of control and each of them winning a round via piledrivers followed up with a facesitting pin and a humiliating REVERSE FACESIT victory pose! Sumiko seems to have the third round well in hand as a sleeper hold has Monroe weakened enough for the Asian beauty to hoist her up for a tombstone piledriver….only for things to take an interesting turn from there.  Monroe traps Sumiko’s neck with her thighs, forcing her into Dreamland as she crashes down, putting Monroe down and out as well and leading to a sexy and accidental facesit K.O. pin that leads to a DRAW! 

There have been some new and really cool things coming out of SSP lately, that you guys are going to love, but I just don’t have those things ready to post just yet. So, for now we’re going to have a look at an earlier releases and that being this pile driver and pins video with Monroe and Sumiko. This one is just as simple and perfect as you can get. Both Sumiko and Monroe win a round, the both do some twitching from the piledrivers and some sexy facesitting for their pins and victory poses. The thong leotards look stunning on both ladies, but it’s clear that Monroe has got the leading edge in that department, if you get my drift. And of course no better way to end this kind of vid, then with a double KO. A little bonus for the final KO is Monroe comes back to life, but is trapped under Sumiko and smothered out, that’s a nice touch. There’s not a whole lot to this one when you look at the move list, but for a video under ten minutes it feels just right for the time given. Good bang for your buck here, and of course Sumiko and Monroe won’t let you down in any way.

Overall Score: 9/10