Review of Dragonlily foot fetish fight

Review of DefeatedDragonlily foot fetish fight – 22 Mins

CheyanneOne sided Foot smother Fight with the legendary hot Asian Dragonlily destroying Cheyenne Jewel. This match includes multiple KOs and Dragonlily forcing Cheyenne to lick and adore her feet! She’s really cruel in this match!! Not just that… She wants to forces her disgusted opponent to say her feet are awesome, before knocking her out again, with her Asian feet!

Dragonlily and her dangerous Asian feet has delivered another one sided foot fetish battle for Defeated and I had to pick this one up because stars none other than Cheyenne Jewel, who is someone that I adore and will jump through some hoops to see get dominated, because she’s sexy, stocky and a little bit short, but tends to win more often than anything. So it’s always nice to her play the helpless jobber role. And Even though she definitely tried to put up a fight, she does indeed get completely dominated by Dragonlily. Who is almost a contortionist at times, bending and twisting her body just in order to stuff her feet in Cheyenne’s face. As you may know, I’m not the biggest foot fetish fan, but there are a couple of KOs that are nicely spread out in this that help make this one entertaining for me, but there’s also plenty of feet in the face humiliation, feet licking and some verbal submission. Also as a nice little bonus, Dragonlily does a have a little bit of a hard time keeping her top in place at times, sometimes the best kind of nudity is the kind that truly happened accidently. In the end I got this to see Cheyenne get destroyed and that is what I got.

Overall Score: 8.5/10