Review of Double Jeopardy

Review of Sleepy SuperheroinesDouble Jeopardy – 15 mins

Trickster has kidnapped Invisible Girl and uses a device that makes her think everyone she’s looking at is him.  Enter Aurora, who tries to rescue her from the fiend’s clutches.  What Aurora doesn’t realize is that Invisible Girl is only seeing the Trickster.  Both heroines are knocked out multiple times.  Can these brave superheroines escape Trickster’s evil plan or will he prevail triumphant in the end?  Find out in this new adventure from Sleepy Superheroines and the first to feature two superheroines.

I’ve always said that two jobbers are better than one and I you can bet the same rule applies when it comes to captured superheroines. We’re just going to skip over the body suit complains, as you guys surely have to be tired of me bitching so we’ll move right into the meat and potatoes. One part of me being a fan of superheroine videos, is that I love when the villains find a way to strip the powers from a superheroine or figure out creative traps to capture them and we get a bit of both with this one. The Trickster sets a trap for Invisible Girl that drugs her and KOs her, then he puts a device on her that makes her see him no matter who she’s looking at. So when her friend Aurora comes to save her we get a half conscious invisible girl trying to fight off her friend. Luckily her friend notices the device after a few KOs and painfully manages to remove it, but it’s too little too late as The Trickster shows up to wrap these two heroines up. This is one of my favorite sleepy superheroines videos, with the trap and the device, the superheroine fighting each other, plenty of double KOs, some nice reactions from both ladies and of course with both superheroines being captured in the end, this video does a lot in a little bit of time and I loved it. Indica and Sunshine did an excellent job sell their roles in this fun clip.

Overall Score: 9/10