Review of Don’t Try to Cheat!

Review of Modest Moms WrestlingDon’t Try to Cheat! – 10 mins

O poor Samantha Grace!  She is well aware of the woman she is set to face off against, and is pretty much convinced she is going to get her ass handed to her.  So she brought a little help.  A bottle of Ether!  And she is convinced she can pull it out just in time to possibly get her a “W”!  Will this work?  One woman is beaten down, BADLY.  Head Slams, face and stomach punches, skull crushers, fish hooks, wedgies, hair pulling, chokes, camel clutches,  all reign down upon her with no mercy!  The bottle of Ether finally makes its appearance, and one combatant decides to CHUG the bottle of Ether, simply to say “fuck you” to her opponent!  Said bottle is smashed over the jobber’s head, before she is finally put to sleep with an eye popping sleeper hold!  Which woman will spend the night snoring on the MMW canvas!?

Sam Grace is one of those girls I don’t what that often, but every time I see her I love how good she is. This is an example of that as she gets crushed in more ways than one, at the hands of Sugar. So this one is more fun than the usual MMW style squash as this time Sam hand a plan to try and save herself mid match, which backfired horribly. So Sam not only got crushed in the wrestling match, but when she goes to grab the ether, Sugar catches her in the act, snatches the bottle, drinks is and then crushes the bottle over Sam’s head. It is super rare that we get to see something like that and it is awesome ever time that we do. This time I even get a great pin for the end of the match which just makes this one even better. I love the OTT action from MMW and I love the foreign objects they sometimes use. So this one isn’t OTT, but that broken bottle thing was definitely worth the price of admission.

Overall Score: 9/10