Review of Don’t Mess with Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDon’t Mess with Peyton – 27 Mins

punchFrom the FWR producer: I’ve been impressed with the way Peyton throws punches and thought I’d do a short video of her simply punching the stuffing out of Kat with nothing but face punches. A simple storyline was created where Peyton finds out that her boyfriend is secretly sleeping with Kat, causing the cutie to go crazy and beat Kat up. But I thought, why stop there? I brought in Becca and continued the storyline with Peyton and Becca hanging out in the dressing room when the blonde gets a call from Kat (who is calling from the emergency room!) Becca confronts Peyton and the little brunette goes off on her, assuming that Becca is also sleeping with her boyfriend! Another one sided punch out occurs with Becca getting a sound beating. After I put those two videos together I thought, why stop there? So, the final part of this epic video begins with Peyton in the house calling her boyfriend to invite him over. While she’s on the phone, Becca stumbles into the house to go home but Peyton quickly decks her and says “I’m not done with you yet!” The next scene shows you, playing the part of Peyton’s boyfriend, knocking on the door. Peyton answers and takes you to the ring room to “show you something”. When you get there, Peyton suddenly turns on you and begins to beat you up! You also realize that Becca is in the ring, unconscious, and handcuffed to the ropes. Peyton makes short work of you with her punches and knocks you out. Then she releases Becca and positions her over you as she punches her out some more. An uppercut knocks Becca out and she falls on top of you to end this sweet video. Peyton is at her best (or should we say worst) as she punches EVERYONE out in this amazing video! Don’t miss it!!

Man, don’t mess with Peyton is right! She’s got a mean streak 10 miles wide and won’t hesitate to punch you in this face! This video is awesome and is a ton of fun watching Peyton beat the crap out of, not only Kat and Becca, but calling you (her cheating boyfriend) over as well to crap out of you too. I love this story, with a text message sending Peyton into a fiery rage and Peyton makes her rage so believable and looks so good doing it. I love how it goes from Kat to Becca to the POV, which makes for a great ending. Becca is my favorite victim out of them all, which should be a surprise to no one, because I’m bias toward Becca, not that Kat did sell great too. I also think Becca and Peyton play off of each other really well, making everything they do easily believable. Even thought is all face punches and I love face punching, the changing of positions and locations, as well as Peyton raging all the time make this feel really smooth and natural. You ever heard the saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”? Well, Peyton shows us EXACTLY what that means in this ass kicking video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10