Review of Don’t Mess with Persephone

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDon’t Mess with Persephone – 13 mins

Tani is nervous about her upcoming match against Persephone but Kelsi informs her that she’ll sneak attack the little girl with a black jack to help Tani. Unfortunately for Kelsi and Tani, Persephone overhears their plan and sneaks up on them in the ring. She smashes their heads together and a fun cross-eyed, punch drunk video filled with double knockouts begins! Cute little Persephone enjoys  hitting them with knee lifts and face kicks, face punches on the ropes, corner body splashes, a double head scissor knockout, and a black jack hit to both of the girls. Each hold ends with a knockout and plenty of eye rolling, tongue out reactions!

Persephone continues her impressive streak with another cool video, I mean she wins again, but this one is still really cool. Tani and the returning Kelsi are Persephone’s targets after overhearing their plans to team up and defeat her. Kelsi and Tani are then sneak attacked and repeatedly KO’d by this little firecracker. Kelsi and Tani are both decked out in all leotards, boots and knees, like they’re about to play the heel role only to be dominated by FWR’s smallest fighter. I love the reactions we get from Tani and Kelsi, lots of silliness, with eye crossing and punch drunkenness, I also love all the ways Persephone used to knock them out, they both sell fantastic and looked great. Persephone again does a great job being the heel, this time with a little bit of bubbliness, which goes really with Kelsi’s and Tani’s silly selling. I am still dying to see Persephone lose, but for now, her kicking butt has been a lot of fun to watch.

Overall Score: 9.9/10