Review of Don’t Mess with Hollywood

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDon’t Mess with Hollywood – 11 Mins

We join Reni in the dressing room looking scared about her first ever wrestling match. And the worst thing is that she’s going up against the formidable Hollywood! But Madison is a friend of Reni’s and has gotten herself included in the match as a referee. She assures Reni that she won’t let anything happen. Cut to the ring as the action begins and as you probably know, Madison interferes so much that Hollywood finally snaps and attacks both girls! Reni and Madison are double teamed with a corner body splash, a double arm stretch, a double head scissor, and a combination scissor/choke that puts both girls out cold! But Hollywood wants these two girls to learn a lesson so she puts them both in a double leglock/choke knockout followed by a dragon sleeper to Reni and a stunner to Madison. Hollywood pins both unconscious wrestlers then piles them up for her final victory pose. We’re sure that Reni and Madison won’t mess with Hollywood again!

This is one of those cases where cheaters really don’t prosper. Madison thinking that she could steal a win for Reni by using her power as the ref, well it didn’t take the legendry Hollywood too long to figure out what she was up to. So Hollywood just decides beat them both up. I love the idea here and the setup is done perfectly, with Madison interrupting everything Hollywood tied to do. I love the 1 on 2 domination, it’s always great to see two girls beaten by one. Also love that everyone is wearing converse boots too. Hollywood uses some nice moves on the two cheating jobbers which equaled out to a couple of nice KOs. Reni is still very new but I think she sold just fine. Madison on the other hand was awesome and did some dead fall that almost could rival Anne-Marie’s, which is pretty high praise in my book. Overall, this is another case of 2 jobbers being better than 1, it was clear Reni wasn’t going to stand a chance against Hollywood, but it’s even better that Madison couldn’t either.

Overall Score: 9.5/10