Review of Don’t Mess with Hellena Heavenly

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDon’t Mess with Hellena Heavenly – 20 mins

Madison loses her cool when she meets the veteran pro wrestler Hellena Heavenly in the ring. Hellena mocks her abilities and teases her about her long pretty hair so Madison attacks by pulling her opponent into some head locks and head scissors with some added hair pulling! Well, Madison finds out very quickly that Hellena isn’t someone you mess with! Hellena takes control and for the next 15 minutes literally destroys poor Madison by using her hair to flip her around the ring, hang her from the ropes, pull her into very painful back bending moves, and into tight head scissors. Madison begs, pleads, and apologizes over and over again as the veteran trash talker enjoys the hair domination! In the end poor Madison is knocked out twice with 2 powerful stunners and left unconscious in the ring.

So, I’m not normally one for a hair pulling video, as most of them bore me pretty quickly, but this one is not like most. The way Madison sells this kept me fully entertained for beginning to end. It also help that Hellena is quite entertaining as well and she was dragging Madison literally all over the place. There wasn’t one move or hold that I felt when on for too long or was repeated too much, they really mixed up the action, but through all of it Hellena has got a solid grip on the brunette locks of Madison. Also Madison starts getting clearly exhausted about halfway though and she sells exhaustion amazingly, almost too tried to put up a fight. Then this one is also topped off with a stunner KO, followed by another stunner while Madison is out and finally Hellena drags Madison to her feet one more time by her hair just for a little more trash talking. I really loved how this one came to an end. I wish more hairpulling videos where like this, especially ending with a KO and a little ragdolling.

Overall Score: 9.5/10