Review of Don’t Mess with Allie Parker

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDon’t Mess with Allie Parker – 17 Mins

MadisonWe join a confident Madison in the dressing room right before her match with Allie Parker. The cute FWR wrestler isn’t worried, commenting on how her strong thighs haven’t failed her yet. She then heads out to the ring for the opening introductions. When Allie makes her appearance and climbs in the ring, Madison attacks! A head lock and corner body splash drops the stunned Allie and our local wrestlerette quickly knocks her out with a one legged standing neck scissors! Madison then begins to toy with her opponent by waking her up only to knock her out again with two more head scissor holds. But Madison gets too cocky for her own good and forgets that Allie is a ring seasoned veteran who knows her way out of holds! When Madison slaps a straight scissor on Allie’s neck, the pro rolls them and pops her head free to wrap Madison’s ankle up in a leg lock! From there, Allie decides to weaken her opponent’s sexy thighs by scratching, clawing, and punching at them! Poor Madison screams in pain as her legs are wrapped around the ring post for more thigh damage. Allie then drags the weakened girl to the center of the ring and applies a figure four leg lock! But she’s not done and while holding Madison’s legs captive, pulls the girl in close for a sexy choke hold that knocks Madison out! More thigh punishment follows with splits on the mat and on the corner ropes as Allie continues to destroy poor Madison’s beautiful legs until she finally traps the girl in the ropes to finish her off with a knockout sleeper! Poor Madison is then pinned and posed over by the victorious Allie Parker!

It’s good to know that Allie Parker is coming back to FWR soon so we can get more videos like this one. This is a total win/win for me, because I love to see both Madison and Allie on the losing side of a battle. Madison has been dominating a lot of the local FWR girls, but Allie is no local, as Madison’s over confidence comes back to bite her and you know over confidence is one of the best attributes for a great jobber. But before Madison loses, we get to see several very nice KOs for Allie. Then when Allie gets in control, the KOs slow down as Allie has much more fun making Madison scream as she claws and strikes at Madison once powerful thighs. But we still get KOs here too, like this amazing figure four/choke out KO that just looks so good, so painful. Both ladies perform great, on both sided of the match and I really like the legwarmers/90s work out look, it really does look very nice on both ladies. Any vid that I can get some of Allie getting KO’d and Madison is still left hold the L is a definite win in my book.

Overall Score: 9/10