Review of Don’t Betray the Mafia Babes

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsDon’t Betray the Mafia Babes – 30 mins

This epic custom video features Becca as the boss of the Mafia Babes. She’s been told by Madison that Renee has been leaking information to the feds. Renee innocently enters the room and is attacked, double teamed, and pounded unmercifully in her belly! They drag Renee outside as she tries to deny the charges but boss-girl Becca doesn’t believe her.  Poor Renee’s belly is pounded on with more kicks and punches until she finally drops unconscious. Cut to 3 months later after Becca has realized what Madison did. Her and Renee attack the double agent Madison with their own destruction of her rock-hard abs! But Madison is a defiant girl which only makes Becca and Renee angrier. After Madison spits in Becca’s face the REAL destruction begins. Becca and Renee trap Madison against the wall and pound on her stomach with a blackjack, wrench, broom stick, police baton, and a folding chair! Becca informs Madison that after they knock her out she’ll be getting a little visit from the feds. Becca sent them an anonymous message that Madison is behind a recent drug deal and will be spending a long time in prison! Enjoy!

This is a rather long clip for it to be almost entirely focused on belly punishment, but somehow, some way, all the belly punishment didn’t feel tedious or too repetitive over all that time. I think the ongoing storyline has a big part to play with that. It’s a pretty good story, with Madison trying to and somewhat successfully setting up Renee to take the fall for her betrayal, only to get caught and punished later. And I don’t know why, but I laughed way too much at Becca’s reaction at the beginning of the clip, where she slams her fists on the table and asks “who is she?” when Madison is setting Renee up for a beatdown, but for some reason I found that really funny. Anyway, all the belly punishment begins soon after and Renee is first up, obviously. Renee has the perfect belly for this kind of thing, nice and squishy for beautiful looking impacts. Madison and Becca take turns and often change positions to keep the action from getting stale. Renee’s punishment ends with a KO, thank you very much, then if fades into Madison’s turn, which is the longer part of the video. Madison sells her punishment excellently, as did Renee, but Madison’s washboard abs are solid and don’t really show any impact, however they are lovely to see getting stretched out and nice close views of. So, I preferred Renee’s beatdown… that is until the weapons came out. All the weapons added some awesome brutality, Madison’s beautiful abs started getting red and her exhaustion really made this the best part of the video, in my opinion. I also really loved the outfits too. Although, I think the belts were more trouble than they were worth, just watch how often the belts have to be moved or adjusted so the belly punishment can continue. I don’t mind the look, but they just need too much attention throughout both beatdowns. Overall, even though I’m not the biggest fan of vids fully focused on belly punishment, but this an interesting storyline, sexy outfits, especially the high heel boots, weapons and a KO or two, I left this video feeling it was rather enjoyable experience.

Overall score: 9/10