Review of Destroying the little girl’s weak stomach

Review of DefeatedDestroying the little girl’s weak stomach – 14 Mins

bellyTracy hates Lilith “the little girl”. The video starts directly with the fight, where Lilith tries in vain to attack Tracy, without being strong enough to have any effect on Tracy. Tracy hits Lilith in her weak stomach, again, again and again, cruelly and powerfully, easily knocking the wind out of the little girl. Lilith rasps and writhes on the floor, in pain and struggling the get air. Tracy has her fun playing with Lilith, destroying her until a final punch to her soft belly causes Lilith to drool and pass out.

We got a new face over at Defeated, a tiny cute little thing named Lilith and she is perfect for jobber roles just like this. Also, not a single tattoo on both girls, which is quite a difference from most of the girls at Defeated. This one is all about belly punching, writhing in pain and struggling. Tracy does an awesome job mocking little Lilith, while she holds her down and dominates her. The belly punching come at a slow pace giving lots of time for writhing, coughing and struggle. It is completely one sided, but it’s fun watching Lilith trying and failing push Tracy around in the beginning. I think Lilith did alright for her debut vid, she really made it seem like the belly punches incredibly crippling and her coughing and writhing was great. I could easily see her becoming a new favorite of mine, just got to see how she does in her next fight that is hopefully filled with KOs and maybe a little ragdolling.

Overall Score: 8.5/10