Review of Destroying her weak ABS

Review of DefeatedDestroying her weak ABS – 11 Mins

junkieReina seems to find easy opponent in Junkie. She destroys her ABS with lots of solid punches and then she walks on them to finish her. Junkie can’t move anymore, Reina takes her into a body scissor that send her to sleep! Before the end, Reina steps over her ABS, and we see Junkie have a little convulsion! Victory pose for Reina!

More Defeated action for you guys and more from the two newest girls at Defeated, this time in a completely one-sided affair, as I like best. This is all about belly destruction as the title may give away. Reina completely controls Junkie from start to end. She digs punches deep into Junkie’s soft belly repeatedly and Junkie is completely helpless. I do enjoy Junkie’s selling, it’s not top notch or special, but she is good. To kick things up a bit, Reina starts to walk across Junkie’s belly, digging her feet deep in her belly. Reina is definitely having a great time controlling Junkie, she doesn’t say much, but she looks rather smug the whole time. To wrap things up Reina put Junkie in a long body scissors and Junkie really tries hard to fight the incoming unconsciousness, but eventually passes out giving the easy win to Reina. It’s a pretty simple battle, the girls played their roles well, nothing too crazy here, but a good one-sided match.

Overall Score: 8/10