Review of DESTINY OF THE BELT: part twenty

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldDESTINY OF THE BELT: part twenty – 18 Mins

A rant from the stunning Jordynne Grace attacking SKW’s girls AND their champ elicits a brutal response from Sapphire, who runs in and stomps the pro DOWN.  She then proceeds to teach the youngster an important lesson in respect, taking her apart on the SKW mats with a series of her favorite tactics and finishers. After, we fade in moments later, Jordynne hog tied and drooling.  Sapphire writes LOSER and JOBBER on her head and belly, smiling as she seals the deal on this brutal beatdown.  A final foot on face victory pose ends the battle… as we fade to black.

A very good one sided squash with Jordynne just reminding us that even though she’s not asked to be totally dominated often, she can still sell with the best of the best. And this one is pretty over the top too, getting nice twitching, a little tongue protrusion and multiple drooling scenes. I really like the first part, with Jordynne in her street clothes, just nice to have a beatdown in street clothes ever now and then. Later she’s stripped down (off cam) to a nice bikini for even more beating with multiple big finishers. Than it’s topped off with Jordynne being unconscious, hogtied and written on. Very good humiliation to top off a very good one sided beating. Now I know there’s plenty of you guys that love a powerful girl like Jordynne takes a beating and to you I say, you better not miss this one.

Overall Score: 9/10