Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldDENIM’S FIGHTING WORDS 2 – 15 mins

We fade in on pro star Jessie Belle and SKW fighter Alisa Kiss, decked out in tight jeans and boots. Moments before a multi fall KOs/pins battle!  The action is fast, brutal, and decisive…but only ONE lady will be left standing as our cameras (and her opponent) fade to black! Here’s the breakdown: Round One: Alisa spins and immediately traps Jessie in a tight sleeper hold that puts the pro out, following up with multiple belly splashes in order to score the pin/victory pose! Round Two: Jessie wins a test of strength, following up with belly attacks and a sudden SPINE BUSTER that flattens Alisa. Jessie finishes her off with an inverted neck scissors KO for the pin and victory pose! Round Four: Jessie sweeps Alisa’s legs and applies a brutal figure four leglock, but Alisa reverses it and takes control via a set of face kicks and a final GROUND kick to the jaw for the win! Round Four: Jessie traps Alisa in a bearhug that knocks the blonde fighter out cold!  Alisa stirs as Jessie decides to win the round with a vise-like sleeper hold, leading to the pin and victory pose! Round Five: The girls lock up but Jessie slams Alisa into the wall after a knee to the gut. She nails several wall splashes but an exhausted Alisa drops at the last second.  Jessie slams her skull into the wall, leading to a double KO.  Alisa makes it up and goes for an exhausted pin but passes out before she can hit the 10 count!   Result: DRAW. Round six:  Alisa gets the jump on Jessie and knocks her out with a reverse neckscsissors.  She refuses to go for the pin, however, and instead attempts a piledriver!   Jessie suddenly lifts Alisa up and nails a brutal REVERSE piledriver for a KO.   Furious, Jessie decides to finish her opponent off  with a brutal TOMBSTONE piledriver and an Undertaker-style pin for the final pin/victory pose! YOUR WINNER: Jessie Belle!

A video like this is a “can’t lose” situation of us. Jessie Belle and Alisa Kiss are both great to watch on the losing side of a match, I think Jessie’s trash talking, pro training and over strength makes her a better heel, but Alisa can hold her own on that side as well. So I have no complaints for how this match when down. I loved it when Jessie lost a round and loved it when Alisa lost a round. And deep down inside, I was secretly happy to see that Alisa ended up losing overall, even though it really wouldn’t have changed my overall enjoyment of this video if she’d won. We get great moves, great selling and great eyerolling on both sides and I love that each round ended with a pin, even the round that ended with a draw. This is how I should feel when watching most of these back and forth matches, where the talent gap is close enough I don’t really care too much who wins or loses. We’ve seen this back and forth battle a ton of times before, but only once before with both girls in jeans and boots, a look that I really like and looks great on both ladies. I hope this is an outfit style that starts to catch on and I can’t wait to see Jessie Belle back at SKW again bring us more great videos to love.

Overall Score: 9.5/10