Review of DEMO-LITION 3

Review of Sleeperkid’s World DEMO-LITION 3 – 22 mins

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sleeperkid and Sumiko are here with another outstanding entry in the Demo-lition series!  However as we fade in on the two, there seems to be some disagreement on just who is going to be demonstrating the moves and who is going to be taking them.  Sleeperkid reminds Sumiko that the fans have requested HE be the demonstrator but Sumiko says she doesn’t care what the fans want and that SHE is going to be the one doing the moves.  Now folks, if there is one thing we at SKW know what to do, it is to listen to our fans. An ill-advised attack from Sumiko leads to a lightning fast Fisherman Swinging Neck breaker from Sleeperkid.  From there, Sumiko becomes the unwilling, and often nearly unconscious, participant in a brutal demonstration of pro-style moves that sees Sleeperkid providing a running commentary and description of each move along the way. After an absolutely bone shattering series of impact maneuvers, which at times leaves Sumiko a twitching, eye rolling, begging for mercy rag doll, SK is merciful enough to put her out for the night with a ten count pin before scooping her up with an over the shoulder carry and victory pose.  I have a feeling Sumiko will be a little more willing to listen to the fan’s suggestions next time!

It’s time for another Sumiko squash and this time coming in the form of the newest addition to the demo-lition series. I felt like I could pretty much stop right here because you guys already know, Sumiko is one of the best-selling jobbers in the business, she’s an overall fan favorite and she never disappoints when it comes to putting on a performance for us. All of that still remains the same for this video here. One thing about this video that is different than any other is it is jam packed with finishing moves from WWE superstars and a good portion of them have never been done on SKW mats, or any other mats before. I will say the moves had SK and Sumiko were being a little extra careful, rightfully so, and also had SK saying, “I don’t know why they call this move that, but here’s how it’s done” a lot. For learning a bunch of pro wrestling finishers, probably that day, SK and Sumiko do execute most of the moves very well. I do wish SK had a little wrestling storyline knowledge as some move names are attached to cool wrestlers with good stories, I.e. Sister Abigail, and it would have been cool to mix some those story features in the instructions/trash talk, but we can’t make SK watch WWE, so I got to let him off the hook for being completely clueless there. None of that really effects the demonstration anyway, Sumiko still sells is all like she always does, the moves are really cool, really well done and SK again reminders us that Tiny’s not the only powerhouse at SKW. I do hope to see a bunch of these move filter into the regular rotation too.

Overall score: 9.9/10