Review of DEMO-LITION 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldDEMO-LITION 2 – 17 mins

We fade in as the lovely Luna agrees to a special holds demo clip with SKW champ Sapphire.  Once Sapphire explains that the holds and moves will be applied with full force, however, the tiny wrestler nervously changes her mind and tries to leave, but Sapphire quickly drags her back and runs through a barrage of her favorite finishers as a stunned Luna takes them like a champ!   A final SAPPHIRE BOMB / Spladle Matchbook Pin ends the demo, as well as Luna’s consciousness in this amazing custom release!

This video was shot directly after my “TINY vs THE TINIEST 2” custom, which makes this certainly excellent video just a little bit better. The first thing is that Luna only changes her bikini, to another amazing shiny one and second thing is Luna is still in the mind set she was for selling my custom, so we get a healthy amount of over the top reactions, which of course I couldn’t be happier about. I love the idea that Sapphire sort of tricks Luna into this beatdown, making her think it was just going to be a simple demo, but instead it’s a brutal one sided beating. The moves used were also really great, a ton of power moves and super sexy pins. It’s almost like it’s the part that got cut out from my custom, because I wrote too much, minus Sparrow of course. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Luna is such an amazing jobber she’s one of the few girls that I think is safely on the Sumiko level, at least as far as jobbing goes. Also it’s so great to have Sapphire back being the badass and entertaining heel she as always has been, I missed her while she was gone and I seems like she missed doing this to, as she seems to be having more fun than ever. If you love amazing squash matches, with a great heel/jobber combo and a healthy amount of over the top reactions, (no drooling) then this is an absolute must have.

Overall Score: 10/10