Review of DEMO-LITION 1

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldDEMO-LITION 1 – 12 mins

True story:  Cheyenne Jewel and Sumiko proposed the concept of this release, one where both amazing performers show off their favorite submission and KO finishers for their fans, using each other as practice dummies!!! (Note: all moves are sold as real, with full KO/sub performances from each star)

This is a really cool idea for a video, it’s kind of like a sentry style vid, in the fact that there’s no storyline to the action and the scenes aren’t connected. I like the talk between Sumiko and Cheyenne, sometimes dreading the next move, but submitting themselves to it anyway. Also it’s great to have Cheyenne and Sumiko for this, two really awesome girls that know how to sell everything. I would like to see what else could be done in a video like this, of course I’m thinking silly, or over the top reactions, like having the girls explaining how to do things over the top and then showing us. Something like that would be pretty awesome to see. But this was a cool idea and I would like to see more like it going in different directions of selling.

Overall Score: 9/10