Review of Delusions of Grandeur: The Rematch

Review of DefeatedDelusions of Grandeur: The Rematch – 23 mins

It seems that Elizabeth didn’t learn her lesson after her last humiliation defeat at the hands of Orsi. Orsi explains that Elizabeth has challenges her again and of course Orsi is more than happy to take her one again. The Queen enters and it seems she is ready to go, this time. She tells Orsi that she is going to prove that she is the one and only queen here at Defeated. Orsi just kind of laughs her off and the match begins. Right away it seems like this is something we’ve all seen before, a very familiar scenery is happening in this ring. That’s right, Elizabeth is again completely and utterly dominated and humiliated without putting up much of a fight at all. Orsi again has her way with Elizabeth, doing as she please and Elizabeth doesn’t have an answer for her. The Queen is repeated KO’d and along the way Orsi decides to take Elizabeth’s top off to spice things up a bit. After lots of smother, scissors, and other submission holds The Queen is yet again put to bed for the night as Orsi stands proudly having scored another flawless victory over this so called Queen. Maybe this time Orsi might have broken Elizabeth’s delusions of grandeur, but we doubt it.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and I think we should change Elizabeth’s nickname to delusions of grandeur, as is it so fitting for our lovely queen, as she again proves to be an excellent jobber. Of course I’m kidding about the nickname thing. Calling Elizabeth, The Queen, is already all the delusion of grandeur we need. Nonetheless, this is another one that quickly gets added to my favorites list as The Queen gives as another notable showing. We get a nice move list with both humiliating and painful moves, as well several KOs mixed in. All which of course Elizabeth sells like you would expect, which is great. Orsi makes it look easy as she switches from move to move keeping Elizabeth helpless. There is some trash talking, but nothing it would have been if Elizabeth had come out on top. Overall, the point is I love Elizabeth’s delusions of grandeur and I’m not just talking about these videos. I love that most of Elizabeth’s vids start the her talking a big game to the camera only for her to get squashed in no contest match up moments later. I hope the trend continues and I love that Elizabeth’s adventures in Hungary ended up with her being defeated most of the time.

Overall Score: 9.5/10