Review of Defeated in Silver

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Review of Kayla Obey Defeated in Silver – 10 mins

Preparing for one of the biggest matches of her career, Kayla adjusts and admires herself in her bikini. She’s taking on one of the top fighters from a rival producer. The match will be best of three falls. Kayla is confident she will defeat her opponent, which will give her a shot at the championship title. She flexes and shows off her body to you, explaining how she’s worked out every day for this. Without a doubt, she will be the winner and give her the chance for that title. Shoulders slumped, she returns from her first match. What started off fairly even quickly turned tables on poor Kayla, as her opponent was unsuspectingly strong. Kayla goes onto describe and reenact how her opponent defeated her. Belly punches, knees to chin, bearhug, punches, and makes her submit after the first fall with a stifling figure 4 hold/squeeze.  But it’s alright, Kayla is now more determined than ever to defeat her opponent in Match 2. Kayla begins to describe how the second round went…She had already started to tire, while her opponent only seemed to grow stronger. She acts out how her opponent performed head squeeze, 2 spr holds, pile driver, other holds and belly kick, finishing her off by holding her weakened defeated body down, wrists pinned and leg pinned for the 3 count. But that wasn’t the end of Kayla’s punishment. She tells how her opponent stood over her in victory, humiliating her and reverse sitting on her face while she was down. But that’s okay….next time, she will get her revenge and return the favour, she’s going to be ready.

Fresh off her SKW debut, Kayla is back home and her first video is this wrestling based video where she’s wearing this sexy silver bikini. It starts off with Kayla flexing and boasting about how she’ll be winning her next match, which of course makes it a bit better when she eventually loses. This is a reenactment of her match so she’s talking us through everything as well as acting out what happened. It’s a nice beat down too, with a good set of moves, not really any great KOs, but some great reactions for lots of chokes and nice pins. There is a piledriver listed in her description, but she can’t piledriver herself, so don’t expect to see that. This is a fun way to do wrestling beatdown video, still getting all the reactions we love to see, but done in a little bit of a different way. It’s also nice to hear Kayla talking a lot as most of her scripts don’t have her saying too much. An video worth checking out for most of us Kayla fans.

Overall Score: 9/10