Review of Defeated Girls Vol 1

Review of DefeatedDefeated Girls Vol 1 (MK 2D Style Special Video)

Girls fighting to the end with special moves and pro wrestling action. 3 Matches, Lilith Vs Stella, Janelle Vs Valerie and Stella Vs Valerie. Including: Punch\Kicks, Finishers, Flying Headscissors, Flying Neck Snap, Bearhug, Boobs Smother, Flying Crotch Breaker, Slow motions, Neck Snaps, 360 HURRICANA! KO’d Defeated Girls.

Back with another Defeated review and again they bring us another really cool and new style of video as they do their best at capturing some 2D Mortal Kombat style action and they ended pulling off some really impressive moves. All three matches only last a few mins, but each has the health bars that deplete as the fighters take damage and is jammed with great action down to the final KO. The first two matches have some trash talking at the beginning, Stella and Valerie were the best with the tough talking, and they both lost in those matches. The first match is Lilith vs Stella and Stella gets absolutely crushed by the surprisingly fast and agile Lilith. The punches look great and Stella sells it great. The way it ends is even better, as an impressive leg sweep stuns Stella setting her up for an awesome flying neck snap for great tongue out, eyes open KO. Then next match is Valerie vs Janelle, even though I really don’t like both ladies wearing the karate gis, Janelle is still showing a ton of cleavage, cleavage that she uses to weaken Valerie, before taking her pants off and shaking her butt in Valerie’s face, before picking her high up off the floor and dropping her on her knee for a brutal crotch breaker KO. The last match is Valerie vs Stella and is probably the craziest match of all. Stella starts off with a brutal looking piledrive like move that takes about half Valerie’s health, but Valerie struggles back to her feet and literally climbs Stella, wrapping her legs around her neck dragging Stella to the mats and locking on a head scissors. Stella kicks, twitches, struggles, rolls her eyes and sticks her tongue out trying to break free, but her struggles slow and soon stop as she loses a good chuck of her health bar. Stella slowly stumbles back to her feet, then suddenly Valerie comes flying in with a 360 hurricanrana, that leaves Stella with just a little bit of health left and is completely stunned. A quick neck snap takes care of Stella, putting her out. This was a really impressive vid, they pulled off some really great moves that I didn’t think they could. I don’t love the karate GIs and Janelle the only one who can really pull off wearing wig. The editing and all the effects/graphics is really well done, it’s easy to see this took a ton of time post production to make it look this good. I’m excited that this has a volume one attached to the title, meaning we will hopefully see more like this soon and I can’t wait for that!   

Overall Score: 9.9/10