Review of Dee Tests Her Mask on Lilith

Review of DefeatedDee Tests Her Mask on Lilith – 5.5 mins

Lilith and Dee and set to do battle, but unfortunately for Lilith it’s not going to be a fair fight. Dee has a mind controlling mask and Lilith doesn’t have a clue, until it’s too late. As so as the match starts Dee control of Lilith’s mind and body, forcing her to her knees, without lifting a finger. She uses her powers to toy with Lilith as Shaman watches on and barks out orders. Shaman commands Dee to make Lilith drool, then stick her tongue out, and then twitch wildly on the floor. Lilith with no control of her own body or mind does as she is commanded, without hesitation. Dee gets carried away with the power that the mask gives her, turning her power on to Shaman just for a second, while choking Lilith with her foot. Lilith is soon KO’d and Dee leaves, finished with her play thing. Shaman is left behind and he’s isn’t very happy with what Dee did. He thinks maybe it’s time to have a new slave, one that obeys him more properly. As he sands over the now still body of Lilith, we think he already has someone in mind.

Another Defeated review for you guys and this one is a short but awesome display of the power that the mind controlling mask has as Lilith is completely dominated by Dee and Dee doesn’t even raise her fists. Right out of the gate, Lilith is forced to her knees where Dee uses the mask to play with Lilith’s body. Then Shaman who is just watching shouts out orders, telling Dee to make Lilith drool, stick her tongue out and then make her twitch. Lilith completely out of control of her own body falls orders without hesitation. It’s a very unique way to deliver over the top reactions, I like superpowers and the mind controlling masks vids have been very fun to watch. The power of the mask did seem to get to Dee’s head a bit as she turns the power of the mask on Shaman for just a second, but I we know that’s didn’t sit well with Shaman and Dee is definitely going to pay. We can assume that Shaman is going to use Lilith in some way to get back at Dee and will probably get some payback himself as well. I definitely look forward to how ever that goes down. However for now it was cool to see the power of the mask used to destroy Lilith in this sexy over the top domination.

Overall Score: 9/10