Review of Dee Practices KOs on Lilith

Review of DefeatedDee Practices KOs on Lilith – 11.5 mins

Dee practices her sneak attacks by repeatedly attacking Lilith and KOing her. After each KO Dee takes article of clothing from Lilith and also takes a moment to enjoy the tiny jobber’s sexy body. Lilith unconsciously enjoys the attention, softly moaning with pleasure until Dee snaps her neck. Dee uses a sleeper hold each time to KO Lilith but the last round she adds a HOM smother that causes Lilith’s body to twitch wildly instead using a neck snap to finish her off. Many KOs included!

More Defeated action for you guys and it’s another one of their sexy sentry video, but this one is not only the perfect length, but it’s also one sided. So, we get nothing, but Lilith KOs, and she gets stripped down and loved on a little bit in between each KO. I have loved Lilith from day one, as she’s super cute and tiny, my personal favorite for jobbers, but after seeing her in that exhaustion video, I have a whole new appreciation for how she sells. I’m not sure if this was shot before or after that match, but I still feel that I can see how she improved from that video in this vid. I think her eye reactions are better and she twitches really great. There’s no drooling in this one, but if there was she would have nailed that too I’m sure. The KOs and struggling are about half the content in this vid and are done great like I mentioned before, and the sexy stripping and groping is the rest of the content. It’s all done well and at 11 mins it’s the perfect length, in my opinion, for vids like this.

Overall Score: 9/10