Review of Decked Duo

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasDecked Duo – 21 mins

Madison and Constance had a super fan named Jack who wanted to see them wrestle and then try the moves himself. So after introductions are made, Constance got Madison is a front scissor and squeezed hard. Madison eyes rolled and she was KO’ed. Then Constance lifted her limp arms and watched as they fell down. Then Jack asked if he could do that to Constance. Of course, Constance said yes, but no one could knock her out. Well Jack has strong legs to and away Constance went. Then Jack got to fondle both limp wrestlers. The girls woke up and took turns giving each other wrestling moves and when one was limp, Jack did the same wrestling move to the other. At the end both girls were totally limp, and Jack taunted them saying they needed more practice. Jack even did a few cradle carries with them.

Before I being reviewing this video, I just want to mention that it was a little weird, and a little funny that no one seemed to care that this super fan was wearing a mask. Now, I’m not complaining about the guy wearing a mask, I’m sure there’s a reason for it, and I don’t even care what that reason is. I just found it odd, that there was no mention of it in the video, both Constance and Madison when about business like this guy was not wearing a mask. I was like, I am I the only one concerned that this dude is wearing a mask. I just thought they should at least make up a story or at least quickly make an excuse for the guy wearing a mask. Anyway, I digress, I just had to say something about that, because I thought was funny. It has no impact on the video in anyway, which is way I said this was before reviewing the video… Anywho, moving on… This was a really good KOs and limp play video, I love that both Constance and Madison were super confident that they are so strong, nothing can knock them out, then when they get knocked out they’re both like, oh that’s so odd, this never happens. I liked that they were willing to be put in all the holds and every hold ended with a KO. There’s was a good amount of limp play, with checking limp limbs, playing with their faces, eye checks and even some carries. Also got some good up close shots of both ladies. And I like that this was all done a nice lighthearted manor. So overall, it you just love seeing Madison and or Constance repeatedly KO’d and played with, then his is a great video for you.

Overall Score: 9.5/10