Review of Dark Dreams

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Review of Kayla ObeyDark Dreams – 14 mins

You are telling the camera about an erotic d—- fetish dream you had last night and you describe and act out what happened. In the dream, you were standing in an execu——- place with hundreds of men and women around you. A female executrix with a k—- appears and tells you that you’re sentenced to d—- by the k—-. Then she st—– you many times into the center of your lower belly, your bellybutton, the base of your throat and the center of your throat, over and over again, sometimes quick and sometimes really slow. You are st—— yourself with a telescopic toy k—- to simulate the st— of the girl from your dream. After a while, you began to like it and you started to beg for the st—. You even showed the executrix the spots on your body where you want to get st—–. After another while, you looked into the crowd and realized that everyone around you was starting to masturbate, enjoying watching you getting st—– and suffer. The female executrix also starts to masturbate while st—— you and you are turned on more and more by that scenario. Then you took the k—- from her and started to st– yourself while having one hand on your pants, masturbating. At the end you k—– yourself with a sloooow throat sl—while you were having an orgasm and pass out after suffering for a while.

Alright, as you may notice, there’s a lot of words “blacklisted” from the description above and that’s because C4S doesn’t like when things get all stabby, even when it clearly pretend. Also it’s clearly written to Kayla and not from Kayla, I’m pretty sure that’s because it’s most likely the custom script. Most of the time I try fix both those issues for better comprehension, but I’m just too lazy today. That being said, the TL:DR/simplified version is Kayla talks us through a knife execution that turns sexy before it ends. As always Kayla’s selling is great, I personally love the throat stabbings, Kayla sticks her tongue way out for all of those and that is just something I love to see. As the stabbings continue, pain starts turning to pleasure and Kayla begins to enjoy and encourage the stabbings, even beginning to masturbate as she continues the story. This is something I know a lot of you guys love to see and Kayla is very convincing about her… satisfaction. After many, many stabs and a final slide of the knife across the neck, Kayla comes and goes at the same time, if you get my drift (lol). This vid mixes knife fun, belly punishment, throat fetish, a little tongue protrusion, masturbation and death, all in one simple clip and it works somehow and that’s what makes Kayla so special.

Overall Score: 8.5/10