Review of Daisy’s Big Mistake

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Daisy’s Big Mistake – 20 mins

Most of our fighting videos feature females who know how to fight or at least know how to look like they can fight. But what would happen if two girls got into a fight and didn’t have any experience with fighting? You would see punches that weren’t as hard as you would expect but the focus would be on the girls faces. The shock of being hit, the frustration of trying to hurt the other girl but not having the ability, and the fear of realizing that you’re suddenly losing! The storyline to this custom video has an angry Daisy attacking Renee in the dressing room because Renee cheated in their previous wrestling match. The girls get into a short hair pulling cat fight that Renee wins. She drags Daisy by the hair out to the ring but Daisy gains control by smashing Renee’s head into the ring apron. They end up in a fist fight in the ring, trading face punches and belly punches. As the fight continues it becomes obvious that Daisy is getting the worst of it. A hard belly punch drops her to her knees and she decides to quit. But Renee yanks her back to her feet, “You’ll quit when I say that you quit!”. The blond proceeds to beat the stuffing out of poor Daisy with mounted punches, head scissor punches, kicks outside the ring and against the wall, and more destruction in the ring. A final snap kick to the jaw drops Daisy for the knockout. We think you’ll enjoy the raw, amateur fight between these two young women.

We got ourselves a little rookie rumble here between Renee and Daisy. Both girls aren’t brand new but are definitely newbies, which shows a little bit in this video, but it’s still a great match. Daisy bites off a lot more than she can chew, picking a fight with Renee and after a little bit of back and forth action Renee absolutely destroys Daisy in this fist fight. I loved that this turned one sided and it just felt natural as we watch Daisy come in like a house on fire, then slowly lose the ability and will to fight back. I like the street clothes too as it makes this match seem more like it was a spur of the moment thing, w3hile still looking good. I also like Daisy vs. Renee, the two ladies are similar size and shape and even though this match wasn’t close, it’s believable to see it go either way. As I said these girls are new-ish, so their reactions aren’t the best, but they did pretty good and they have to learn somehow. I feel like this has made them both better sellers and therefor will have some true epic action in the future.

Overall score: 8/10