Review of Curiosity Killed the Kat

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsCuriosity Killed the Kat – 13.5 Mins

Kat has taken interest in FWR’s newest roster member, Amber, and is curious to get in the ring with her to see if she can hold her own. Kat approaches her in the dressing room and challenges her to a match but Amber kindly declines, saying she doesn’t feel ready for a match today. Kat, not a fan of hearing no, grabs Amber by the hair and drags her to the ring for an unsanctioned match. Kat starts off in control, obliterating a rather petrified Amber for a while with numerous strikes, submissions, and wear down holds. The evil Kat begins having so much fun, she makes the mistake of forgetting to put Amber away with a pin. Kat’s mistake comes back to bite her once Amber’s fight or flight mechanisms kick in. The rookie makes a ferocious comeback, tearing Kat apart with numerous punches, kicks, and submissions, showing absolutely no mercy. A double carotid artery foot press KO spells Kat’s end, leaving her wide open to a 10 count pin courtesy of Amber. The amateur escapes the ring, still somewhat terrified, leaving Kat in the ring completely destroyed!

Another nice FWR video here with a bunch of good KOs. I like it when someone starts a fight then ends up losing. Kat literal drags Amber out of the dressing room by her hair after being turned down to have a match. Kat goes on to dominate for a while knocking Amber out a few times along the way, but soon enough her cockiness gets the best of her and she gets attacked while bragging to the camera. Amber does a good job extracting her revenge, returning the knockouts given to her and then some. The action is fun and sold well by both ladies. I like the number of KOs and love that Kat ended up losing even though she started the fight in the first place, letting her know she’s not as tough as she thought she was.

Overall Score: 9/10