Review of Cunt Busted Tribb Victim

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Review of Cali’s CustomsCunt Busted Tribb Victim – 11 Mins

Cali Low BlowCadence Lux approaches Cali Logan about sleeping with her husband. Cali teases Cadence that she should have just joined them instead of being so mad. This fuels Cadence’s anger even further and she kicks Cali straight in the pussy. She then proceeds to pounce on the home wrecking hussy, with punches, knees and more hard crotch kicks. Cali grabs onto Cadence’s hair and tries to defend herself, but she is no match for the wrath of a pissed off wife! Cadence beats Cali until she submits and promises to stop being such a slut! Instead of leaving Cali to tend to her broken vagina, Cadence realizes that kicking Cali’s ass really turned her on. She grabs Cali by the hair and throws her on the couch. From there she mounts the bitch and forces her to kiss her, then tribbs on her leg until she cums.

Before I begin, if any of are like me and read the title of the vid and asked, what does tribb mean? Let me save you the google search and put it in layman’s terms for you. It means scissoring, and not the FWR type of scissoring, the mythical, lesbian act of scissoring. Got it? Good. So, how we get to the tribbing is what interested me into this vid. Cali pisses off Cadence and Cadence beats the crap out of Cali using mainly low blows, there some hair pulling and breast mauling involved as well, but it’s mostly low blows and great brutal looking ones too. From straight field goal kicks, to devastating uppercuts, to being just plainly lifted off the ground by her crotch, all really well sold my Cali. Then after Cali’s thorough beatdown and promise to stay away from Cadence’s man. Cadence is suddenly turned on and mounts Cali, tribbing with her till climax. Then a quick kiss on the lips and Cadence leaves Cali to rub her aching crotch and wonder what just happened. Which is great, because Cali looks just as confused as you would imagine. The sudden change from attacker to lover is, to me, is very funny and Cali’s confusion just adds to that humor. I really enjoyed the low blow beatdown, Cadence really gave it to Cali. There aren’t and KOs or silly reactions in this one just brutal beatdown, followed by an immediate sexual domination on a poor aching and confused Cali.

Overall Score: 9/10