Review of Cunt Busted and Double Crossed

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Review of Sinn Sage DreamsCunt Busted and Double Crossed – 11 mins

I have broken into the house of Star and Whitney, because I know that though on the surface, they appear to be normal, everyday ladies, they are actually spies for the Organization. My intel tells me that one of them has the flash drive with the names of all the double agents for the Org. I’m searching around when Star finds me looking, and unfortunately, she knows exactly what I’m looking for. She confronts me, then hauls off with a power kick right to my pussy. I double over, grabbing my crotch and moaning as I fall to the ground. Star is about to kick me again when her roommate Whitney walks in and asks in shock what Star is doing, before throwing a kick into her cunt from behind. Star grabs her pussy incredulously while looking up at Whitney, asking what is she doing? Finally, Whitney lets it out that she has been working for the third company all along, and that’s the reason why she’s been living with Star in the first place. Not just a double cross, a triple cross! The next thing you know, it is a pussy-pummeling free for all! Cunts get punched, kicked, kneed, and mauled, as we all try to emerge the victor to get ahold of that flash drive! We pair off and hold one girl while she takes a pussy beating, and then one girl attacks two, and all other combinations! Cunts get kicked from behind and below, with lots of moaning and facial reactions to go with it. We beat each other’s pussies senseless, until we are all just lying on the floor, grabbing our crotches and moaning in pain. No one wins in this scenario!

Got something a little different for you guys, another one of those videos I watch just to changes things up a bit. So, this one has no KOs, no submission holds, no wrestling at all, but it does have a whole lot of cunt punting. Well, it’s not all kicks, I just really wanted to say that. There’s also a lot of uppercunts too, I always wanted to say that also, but enough with the low blow puns. This is a ridiculous cunt busting vid from my longest running favorite gal, Sinn Sage. Seriously guys, she was really like my first ever favorite lady and she’s still kicking ass, or kicking cunts today. This one is all about double crossing the double crossers, basically it’s a free for all of nonstop back stabbing and low blows. They are constantly team up with each other, just to cunt punch them seconds later. It ended up being a lot funnier to me then maybe intended, because it’s not my normal niche, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sinn’s cohorts Star Nine and Whitney Morgan, two other long time favs, have some fun and ham up the reactions a bit, but I got to say Sinn gives the best reactions. Overall, you can tell the girls had fun making this one, which always makes vids more fun to watch. So, if cunt busting is your thing, I can’t advise a more fun and out of control video than this one.

Overall score: 8/10