Review of Cuckoo KO

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Review of Kayla ObeyCuckoo KO – 6 mins

Kayla knocks herself out or is knocked out several times. Boxing glove hit to the face, slammed by door, running into a wall, and hit with a pan. She rolls her eyes and smiles while stating how she’s getting knocked out, sometimes saying ‘Cuckoo cuckoo” as she slides down the wall. Light and playful. Sometimes she invites you to smell her hair and even cum in it while she’s out or dazed.

Here’s a new fetish combo for you guys, and me as well and that is silly KOs, hair smelling and cumming in Kayla’s hair, oh and socks too, not bare feet for this one. Of course, no actual cum is used here, or anything else for that matter, but Kayla does gleefully tell you to feel free if you’d like to cum in her hair. And I mean this without any kind of kink shaming or anything, I personally love the smell of a girl’s hair, and would actually find it weird if someone didn’t, I just never thought of it going all the way, or being a main attraction, but again I forget there’s a fetish for everything. The KOs are very much like you would expect from Kayla, she’s silly and light hearted and cute as can be. I do blame all pan based KOs on Becca and FWR, she definitely started that, but it’s great do see Kayla do it. This one isn’t really about the KOs though, more about her reactions to them and sweetly asking you to do things to her hair, so when she finally goes out, it’s pretty much just to end the scene. Nonetheless, the boxing one is my fav, I love seeing Kayla with those big gloves on, and that cute, tight little dress, bopping herself in the face for some cute and silly reactions. Could make a whole video like that. This is a fun one with some new to me and interesting aspects, check it out.

Overall Score 9/10