Review of Cruel Wrestling Plan gets destroyed by Cunt Busting that sends her offline

Review of DefeatedCruel Wrestling Plan gets destroyed by Cunt Busting that sends her offline – 10 Mins

defeatedNewcomer vs Newcomer. Junkie vs Reina starts with a dominant Junkie, she’s bigger than Reina and can use this at her advantage. She puts Reina in a painful Camel clutch, and then into a really cruel Boston Crab, probably the cruelest we’ve seen in Defeated! Reina suffers so much there, while Junkie flex her sitting on her neck!! Reina is destroyed on the floor, Junkie steps on her, but she’s too overconfident while joking about her. Reina hits her with a kick in the middle of her legs. Junkie falls on the floor, in pain. Reina is too destroyed to get on her feet, and she uses her last bit of energy to headscissors her, until Junkie is nearly unconscious. Playing with her, choking her, putting her hands over Junkie’s mouth. Her last move, she chokes Junkie with her feet, before snapping her neck, rotating it with both feet. Then some victory poses for this awesome newcomer.

Got some more Defeated action for you guys here and this time with two brand new talents and a long long video title, that had me scratching my head. The title in short, cheating to win, not too sure about all that sends her offline stuff. Junkie, not a great name by the way, so I call her Blondie Dread, if only to help tell they two new girls apart. Anyway, Junkie easily controls Reina easily early but, gets a nice low blow kick for being too cocky then Reina takes over and destroys Blondie Dread. It’s a pretty simple vid and shows off a little bit of both newbies on both sides of a match. I’m always looking for their jobber skills, because anyone can really play a heel. I really liked the little moments of writhing in pain they both had a chance to do, some good struggling, and good looking submission holds for both ladies as well. I think they both look great, both sell about the same, pretty good and both would make great ragdoll victims for Meda or Janelle. Even though anyone can play a heel, some are still better than others. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing both Junkie and Reina being defeated at Defeated in the near future.

Overall Score: 8.5/10