Review of Cori vs Yasmine Boxing

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Review of Hit the Mat Cori vs Yasmine Boxing – 22 Mins

coriBikini Thug Cori and Yasmine De Leon are back in the ring for a boxing rematch! Strip rules, if you get knocked down you have to take off some clothes! It’s a rough back and forth fight, but Yasmine seems to hold the upper hand. Both girls ends up topless and Cori ends up completely nude. It only gets worse for Cori from there as Yasmine begins to dominate until she finally knocks Cori out. Your winner, Yasmine De Leon!

This one turned out to be a lot more one sided then I thought, which a good thing in my book. Cori might have gotten one knockdown on Yasmine, but this one is 90% domination of Cori. Even after she’s lost all her clothes, she is knocked down several more times and really struggles to put up any offence at all. It is a great show, Cori’s pretty dazed for most of the mat match, but struggle back to her feet again and again, all while Yasmine is nonstop badgering her for not putting a good fight. Yasmine is great with the trash talking, and she sold her little bit of time on the defensive and the one knock down very well. But this was Cori’s show without a doubt and a damn good one, love seeing Cori dominated and defeated.

Overall Score: 9.5/10