Review of Cori vs Darrius Boxing

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Review of Hit the MatCori vs Darrius Boxing – 22 Mins

CoriCori feels Darrius stood her up for a date, and now wants to take it out on his ass. This is Cori’s first mixed boxing match, does she have what it takes to take on Big D? The two battle hard back and forth but as the match wears on, both are starting to show signs of battle damage! Cori seems to be getting the worst of it, ends up topless and by the final rounds, she is getting dominated until she is knocked out and defeated.

Another real gem of a boxing battle here from HTM. As Cori does put up quite a fight, even having control in the early-ish parts of them match, but she is eventually defeated in glorious fashion. They are throwing almost nothing but haymakers the whole match. Darrius is on the receiving end much more then I’d like, but his punches eventually grant him total control as Cori just can’t take anymore. There’s some dirty punches that lead to an early 10 count, but Cori isn’t quite done yet. Darrius removes her top and from this point on, there’s not much Cori can do to stay in the fight. She’s stumbling all over the ring, getting knocked down again and again, then when she’s just about out, Darrius picks her up for a few more punches, including a devastating KO hook that knocks out Cori’s mouthpiece and puts Cori out too. I absolutely love her selling, her struggle to get back to her feet, her punch drunkenness and just how she is sent reeling from the punches. After the official KO, there’s a little extra at end where Cori is semi-conscious and bleeding from the nose and mouth, Darrius takes a second to show her off and rub in his victory. There’s no blood shed in the actual match, so if you’re not a fan of the added makeup, there’s nothing to worry about. An awesome mixed boxing match, with the second half being so good, it’s definitely earned a spot on my favorites list.

Overall Score: 9.5/10