Review of Constance Knocked Out

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Review of Girls Getting Sleepy Constance Knocked Out – 18 mins

Constance receives an obnoxious call from an ex-boyfriend, trying to coax her back into dating him again.  After she tells him, not so nicely, that she will never get back together with him, she hears a knock at the door. She answers to find her ex standing there and holding a club. Before she can react, Constance is hit over the head and knocked out. The ex helps himself inside and begins to admire her limp body, playing with her limbs and removing her clothes as he does so. Each time she wakes up is a welcome opportunity for another bonk on the head, slowly sending her back to sleep with her eyes crossing and rolling as she goes out.

I ended up back a GGS for another clip when l found out that Constance was the star in one of their videos. Luckily, I got exactly what I hoped for, a video that has a good amount of focus on Constance’s great eyerolling, several KOs, some limp play and stripping. I do wish the pantyhose came off at some point as well, but not a deal breaker in my case. Constance is a very good performer no matter where she’s working and that stays true here. Even at GGS where most of the videos are much too similar too often, but like Victoria, Constance finds a way to make them very very good.

Overall score: 9/10