Review of Constance in Knocked Out & Played With!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsConstance in Knocked Out & Played With! – 7 Mins

constanceConstance was all wrapped up in her towel, just out of the shower and talking on the phone with her girlfriend. She was complaining so much about this bad date she had with this freak the other day. Too bad for her that freak happened to sneak into her house to see what she was up to and heard the whole entire conversation. He was getting so upset that he sneaked up behind her hand hit her over the head with a bat. Of course Constance never seen him coming and was completely taken by surprise. Her eyes rolled back into the head and fell right down to the bed. The intruder quickly hung up the phone and decided to play with Constance’s sexy limp body. He didn’t waste any time to open up her towel to see her lovely naked body. He started to feel her up as he examined all her sexiness. He even started to worship her feet all while she was in lala land. Unfortunately for him, Constance started to wake up again trying to figure out what was going on but the intruder quickly bopped her over the head one more time to send her back to lala land. That is when he continued the limb play on this sexy gal all night long!

A nice Funhouse clip here with the wonderful and sexy Constance. A quick set up allowing the badie to sneak up a bop Constance on the head, some nice eyerolling for each KO from Constance too. Then some good limp play showing off all of her fully naked body and a good look at her feet too. She wakes up a couple times dazed and confused rubbing the back of her head in pain, but just gets KO’d again, so it’s not just straight limp play which is always nice. Also gives us a few more chances to see those eyes roll back in her head. The length of this one is short, in true funhouse style, but actually it’s just about right, as there’s not much else for our evil intruder to do to the unsuspecting Constance, so it’s over before it gets boring or repetitive. So, in this case short is good.   

Overall Score: 8.5/10