Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCONFESSION TIME – 17 mins

We fade in as the stunning Jacquelyn Velvets decides to make a confession to all of her adoring fans.  Turns out there’s a part of her that really ENJOYS being the jobber in her wrestling matches, especially when it comes to taking multiple KNOCKOUTS throughout her matches.  To prove it, she decides to have the camera man film her as she takes several self-KOs… each time delivering a beautifully over the top performance before collapsing on the mats.  Time and time again, the Sleepy Queen herself dishes out some amazing KOs, leading to a final self-chloroforming that must be seen to be believed!

A great self KO vid and another of this vids where someone confesses their love for being a jobber, which I love because I love jobbers, as you all know and even in fantasy, having amazing ladies profess their love to be defeated is awesome. I have been asking for more Jacquelyn vid and thankfully have been getting them, but this is the best one so far. Jackie has always been a top performer and she show off why in this vid. SK calls her reactions over the top, but since I use that so much for twitching, drooling and all that stuff, I would rather call her reactions exaggerated, which I know is means basically the same thing, but there’s no twitching of drooling here, but there is a lot of her amazing eyerolling and a lot of extended dizziness with her crawling around trying to stay conscious, there is even a little tiny bit of tongue protrusion, which is super rate to see from Jackie, but definitely a nice treat. The KOs used are really great too, with some nice toys and of course chloroform. This is another vid style that I would love to see become a series. It would be super easy to redo and there are countless girls who would kill it, but Jacquelyn is the first and she set the bar at a very impressive height.

Overall Score: 9.5/10