Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCONFESSION TIME 3 – 27 mins

The beautiful Skye Blue puts on one hell of a show after telling you she wants to impress you with her over the top KO skills!  Fans of extreme eyerolling, tongue protrusion, eye crossing, drooling, and more:  this one’s for you!!!

Still got to cover some videos from SKW’s previous updates, as they are too good for me to pass on. So today I bring you one of two recent Skye Blue POV videos. This one of course being the more OTT one and therefore is my favorite of the two and gets reviewed first. I think it’s fairly safe to say that this is the first time someone has requested Skye to sell this over the top, at least from anything that I’ve seen. Anyway, I feel like she didn’t know what face reactions to hold, so she kind of just keeps mixing it up. It’s definitely a different way of selling, but it still totally works. Everything she does is over the top and there’s lots of it. Her eye rolling/crossing, twitching, and tongue protrusion are all there and all really good. I also like that she talks about each move before performing it. It’s give as a chance for her to set up each situation and lets her show off some of her personality, both are fun and great additions to the videos. And of course her bikini, boots and kneepads look fantastic on her. Overall, even though I feel like Skye didn’t know exactly how to sell a role this over the top, she definitely gave it her best and in the end it all worked out really great.

Overall Score: 9.9/10