Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCONFESSION TIME 2 – 41 mins

Fan favorite Sumiko stars in this incredible invisible opponent POV clip in which ‘you’ co-star as her boyfriend. She starts out by telling you to ‘wait, wait, wait!’ as she puts the finishing touches on her outfit. When she is ready for your eyes to see, you look up and see the Asian beauty decked out as Americana. She goes on to tell you that she’s always felt strong and powerful dressed up like the superheroines she idolized throughout her childhood. Who are you to keep her from that? Sumiko then touches on a conversation you two had the previous evening, one in which she had expressed her passion for superheroines….but she slowly admits she left a key element out of the conversation, one that she’d like to experience with you. Shyly, Sumiko tells you that seeing the superheroines in situations of distress, ESPECIALLY ones in which they are rendered unconscious, gets her ‘warm and tingly’ (if you know what she means, which you do)! Now that she has entrusted you with this secret fantasy of hers, Sumiko is ready to go on a roleplaying fantasy with you. She has a bag of ‘tricks’ and a hoard of ideas to go along with it. The goal of each scenario will be to leave her helpless and unconscious. Sumiko tells you she’s going to jumpstart the roleplaying with a bit of wrestling, considering it’s her area of expertise. You readily agree, and let her take center stage. Sumiko dives into a scene in which she explains in detail that she is stalked and attacked from behind, with a rear naked choke swiftly applied. The villainess almost gets her out, but lets her go momentarily only to re-apply the hold and finish the job. Sumiko is a vision of sexiness and beauty as she perfectly depicts what the true reactions would be if the sleeper were to be actually applied. Sumiko goes on an adventure through several different scenarios, all of which center around her being a victimized heroine that is slowly (yet ultimately) rendered unconscious, amidst a bevy of eye rolls. Following a truly epic POV experience with exciting and realistic scenes, Sumiko tells you she is going to wind things down and wants to do so with the most DANGEROUS wrestling tactic she knows of: the piledriver. She explains that the villainess sinks in a deep belly punch to bring her head into position before she is pile driven. Sumiko is actually able to pile drive HERSELF in this portion of this clip. Once the piledriver sends her out, Sumiko comes to and is flipped backwards in a tumble back to the ground. She can’t see her enemy, but she can hear a suspicious ‘sssssss’….she goes to investigate, when she is attacked outright by an enormous anaconda! The mammoth sized snake winds itself up around her body, and slowly, EVER so slowly squeezes her until all air and blood flow is stopped completely. Sumiko is left completely limp, tongue out and helpless in the clutches of the beast. Now that the roleplaying is done, Sumiko stands, blushing, and thanks you for making her fantasies come true. Being the generous girlfriend she is, she takes you by the hand and leads you upstairs to the bedroom, where she wants to play a different type of game that YOU may like.

When I think about what kind of performances made Sumiko into the super star that she is today, like her first invisible heel video and then I watch this video, it was quickly clear to me that this was another one of those videos that we’ll be looking back on and thinking about how amazing Sumiko is. The invisible heel video is a good video to bring up for this video, as it has a lot of similarities to that video. Sumiko does all the moves to herself, including a self-piledriver and she narrates through the scenes like she did in that video, but this it’s done in more of a POV style as SK is playing her significant other and Sumiko is putting on a show for him. The thought of having someone performing for you like this in real life is crazy, but I like that this video didn’t have any fancy camera tricks or editing, it shot as if you were really just watching your significant other put on as show for you. Of course Sumiko is literally perfect for this role and does amazing with every aspect of it too. Sumiko playing as a superheroine only makes the whole thing better, I think this could work if she just played a wrestler or a spy, or pretty much anything, there’s a lot of different directions this could go in and it would still work perfectly. As I said, I think this is one of those Sumiko vids that we’ll be talking about for a long time and hopefully we’ll get to see others mimic this and maybe see Sumiko re-do it as well. This one shouldn’t be missed.

Overall Score: 10/10