Review of Come Back to Me

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Review of Hannah in FetishlandCome Back to Me – 14 mins

Hannah and her paramedic boyfriend are real sleepy fetishists. They like to play “sleepy” games together whenever they can. They have been thinking about taking their love of sleepy things to new heights. Today, they have decided to do this by living out their ultimate fantasy of having Hannah purposely cause herself to flatline so that her boyfriend can bring her back to life. They accomplish this by having her ingest a poison which does the trick. Hannah is wearing some sexy pajamas and stockings with a mini skirt.. The two start off kissing before she sips her drink and he calmly walks off. Within moments, she is staggering around while gradually losing consciousness. She collapses on the ground, begins crawling and then twitching, and finally falls still. He walks back in, checks for her pulse and reassures her in her subconscious state that he is with her. He picks her limp body up and positions her in front of him on the couch. He adores the limpness in her limbs, he can’t help but do some limp play and fondling before he pulls her head back to kiss her some more. All the while her eyes are wide open as he continues playing with her breasts and nipples and rubbing up and down her body. It is almost time to submerge her in water so he removes her shoes, picks her up and cradle carries her off towards the bathroom. He sets her in the tub and runs the water and walks off for several minutes before returning. Shots of Hannah’s body as the water level rises. When he returns he lifts her wrist out of the water to check her pulse. She has flatlined. Calmly, he lifts her out of the tub and returns her to the living room placing her on the floor. Now he begins resuscitation on her. He performs CPR on her repeatedly. Her body bucks from the AED machine he has now hooked up to her. He continues to reassure her that he will save his sleepy queen ….will he?

This is definitely a limp play video on a different level. This is the kind of limp play that you get when knockouts just aren’t enough. I love this idea, it’s just as something different, I’ve seen all sorts of limp play vids before, but I can’t remember one where the victim is purposely, willingly and bluntly killed in order to achieve the limp damsel we all love to see. That aspect alone I found very interesting. I’m also a big fan of the death stare thing, and Hannah’s eye are open and still the whole time, so there’s plenty of that. There’s plenty of limp play too, of course and carrying too, as Hannah is limp as can be and her boyfriend is absolutely loving it. There’s also some twitching, just before Hannah goes flatline and during the resuscitation attempts with the defibrillator type thing. Twitching is one of my favorite things to see, so I was really happy to get some twitching in this video. I don’t have any idea why he put Hannah in the tub, but I still liked that scene, no matter how clueless I was to why, any reason to get Hannah all wet, is something I can get behind. I also loved Hannah sexy outfit that eventually came all off, giving us a full nude ending, again, a naked Hannah, for any reason is a great thing. This overall is one of the more unique vids I have seen lately, even though in the end it’s still really just a limp play vid, but they went to some great lengths to achieve a limp Hannah and the ending doesn’t truly say for sure if he actually brings Hannah back to life or not, so I guess that part is up to us. Either way, very sexy vid here, great limp and the death stare was a really nice plus for me.

Overall Score: 9.5/10