Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCOLD AS FROST – 19 Mins

BeccaFWR’s Becca vs Serena in an amazing superheroine custom clip! We fade in on the evil Serena Frost, taking a phone call and discussing plans to attack and destroy Supergirl (played by the stunning Becca).  We fade in on Becca using her super-speed to enter Miss Frost’s lair…only to take a kryptonite-laced pellet to her derriere!  Super-Becca feels pain for the first time, stunned as Serena nails a low blow from behind!  The pain alone causes Super-Becca to black out and collapse, leaving Serena Frost smiling…and able to completely destroy Super-Becca with multiple KOs and a hypnosis-based set of finishing tactics!

So, who knew Becca had even more unreleased videos from that one time she visited SKW? Well, she did and it’s this great heroine squash. A nice one sided beat down for poor super Becca, with an interesting focus on crotch attacks, whether from crotch kicks and crotch stomps or atomic drops and low uppercuts you will get a fair share of low blows from this one. There’s also some wrestling mixed in, of course and a hypnosis filled ending where Serena forces Becca to stand and take her punishment. Speaking of Serena, she is just too good at these evil villain roles. She truly nails that whole “laughing in the face of your enemy’s demise” thing and really looks good doing. Becca isn’t one of the best jobbers in the business for no reason, as of course she really brings it, as always, selling her destruction perfectly. In the end, this is another Becca squash, with cool outfits, which means I love it. I never get tired of seeing Becca get squashed.

Overall score: 9/10