Review of COCO’S TALE

Review of Sensually SavageCOCO’S TALE – 29 mins

We open with Coco opening up to you about her fantasies of being dominated.  Wearing a red bathrobe, she describes everything she would like you to do with her. Stripping away the bathrobe, she reveals her one-piece set of tights, describing her first wrestling encounter while she strokes and rubs her body.  Describing the event as she plays it out for you, Coco re-enacts being Choked, Belly Punched to gasping for air, and slamming herself around the room.  Self-inflicted Sleeper Holds with tons of wild Eye Rolling lead to Knock Outs and whimpering, and Belly Stomping, with Coco describing how she felt through gasping and Eye Rolling with obviously increasing arousal.  Enduring self-inflicted Head Slams to the floor that leave her cross-eyed and tongue-rolling, Stomach Kicks that take her breath away, Head Punts that leave her reeling, Face Punching, Belly Punching and Low Blows that send her crumpled into revealing poses, Coco holds nothing back while she tells you her tale.

Oh Coco, how can you not love this woman? She is just amazing in literally everything she’s done, everything I can think of at least and this is just her being amazing yet again. So we’ve heard the tale before and we’ve seen several amazing girls tell their tale, but somehow, some way, Coco still manages to bring us a jaw dropping performance. She narrates her tale as the others did, and it’s a similar story. She delivers her own beat down, mostly, and even sells it a little over the top, but maybe Coco was just a little more OTT that the others have been. I’m not really sure what tell you, but Coco is just outstanding and this was quite the show to see. The things I love most about this one is of course the OTT reactions, Coco is just too good at them, the number of KOs, because we do get a great amount of KOs, the pink outfits she has one, or at least the back of the outfit she has on and of course the camera work letting us see that back of said suit. No matter what, the point is Coco continues to amaze and she keeps delivering these performances you just doing want to miss. I sure hope she comes back and makes more amazing videos next year.

Overall Score: 9.9/10