Review of COCO vs TINY

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldCOCO vs TINY – 34 mins

The STUNNING COCO starts off this astounding custom by challenging 6’9 TINY to a NON sneak attack battle…all while Tiny prepares to do just that!  The big man reconsiders his opening, however, and agrees to a startled Coco’s demand.  SK introduces the fighters and counts back from five, but Tiny cheats with a sudden kick that leads to a brutal X-FACTOR!!! What follows is yet ANOTHER intense squash, with the beautiful Coco taking a massive beatdown from the mean (and occasionally hilarious) monster EVERYONE’s learning to fear!

This is another Tiny squash for the record books and Coco again delivers another outstands jobber performance. I think it’s gotten to the point where we all expect Tiny to get the best jobbing performances out of every girl he squashes. That combined with outrageous strength has given us the best squashes in this genre. Well this time with Coco, who’s already been blowing our minds with her beauty and selling has stepped her game up even more. First off, I love this intro, with Coco complaining about Tiny sneak attacking all his opponents, because he’s a coward, and of Tiny is there to hear all of this speech. He the startles Coco by speaking up, standing right behind her. So even though he does agree not to sneak attack Coco, but he didn’t say anything about not cheating. Which is does, right away, jumping the gun and knocking out Coco immediately. What follows is not only your traditional Tiny squash, with an outstanding jobber, but also one where it seems like Tiny used every moved every move in the book, with a truly impressive move list. I keep telling you guy just how incredible Coco has been and continues to be, if you guy haven’t woken up and smelled the coco, there is now better chance than this clips right here.

Overall Score: 10/10