Review of Clash of the Special Agents

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsClash of the Special Agents – 21 mins 

Two special agents, Renee and Becca, have been selected to compete for the coveted Top Operative position at the “FWR Spy Capturing Service”. They’re brought together to fight it out and waste little time attacking each other! This contest is filled with eye rolling knockouts including punches, a nerve pinch, a choke out, scissor holds, head smashes, a karate chop, knockout gas, chloro KO, and many more. The girls strip each other early in the video so they fight most of the video in bras, panties, and pantyhose. The knockouts also include several double knockouts with interesting body piles. In the end, one beauty is knocked out cold with a dumbbell assisted uppercut. This video is a sexy and fun filled look at silly knockouts!

FWR does it again! Proving again that Rick and his group of talented ladies are the best a creating the sexiest silly KOs on the web. I’ve said it time and time again, there is just no one that does silly KOs like FWR and here is another example. Although this might not be the silliest of all silly KO vid FWR has done, there are some moments in this that are just too good and too funny not to talk about at least one here. When Renee “takes out the trash” with the leaf blower, I almost died laughing. It was so good I had to immediately go back and watch it one more time just to laugh at it again. I don’t think any other producer can make that scene work quite like Rick does. Another thing, I don’t know why, but for some reason I find the ladies doing battle in bra and panties sexier than just bikinis, ever though in some cases the bikinis are just as skimpy and they wouldn’t be wearing those pantyhose, but there is just something to be said for a sexy pair of undergarments. Becca has been a fan favorite for a long time at FWR and there’s no question why, but Renee has definitely found her grove and is well on her way to being another top FWR model as well, in my opinion. She and Becca trade KOs and banter excellently adding to the fun and silliness that this vid is all about. Although I wouldn’t call these KOs OTT in the anyway, they are certainly a ton of fun and there is a ton of them jammed into this video. Easily worth the price of admission, don’t pass on this FWR instant classic.

Overall Score: 9.9/10