Review of Christina Carter vs Rusty Boxing

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Review of Hit the MatChristina Carter vs Rusty Boxing – 18 Mins

ccChristina Carter returns to Hit the Mat and declares herself the champion of the gym, shoving Rusty out of the way so she can work on the bag. Rusty tells her she can’t punch worth a damn, which is as good a reason as any to fight. This is a knockout challenge match, whoever has the most knockouts wins. Christina is a tall wonder of a woman, but like many before her she struggles to land a clean hit. After getting knocked out once, Christina takes her top off and bounces around, hoping to use her rack as a distraction. While it does seem to grab Rusty’s attention, it doesn’t seem to help Christina’s fight. If anything, now Rusty’s punches are more focused on her breasts! Christina is knocked around, dominated and knocked out over and over until she can’t continue the fight. At the end, Christina bound handcuffed to the heavy bag so Rusty can “show her how to punch” and toys with her. Christina’s bare breasts have never been worked like this before!

The tide has turned a little bit for Rusty at the beginning of this one, as this time he’s the one being shoved out of the way so Christina Carter can use the heavy bag. Of course Rusty isn’t just going to let that happen, as he challenges Christina to a match. The whole time Rusty is wearing this “shit eating” grin that I can’t help but laugh at and not just then but just about every time camera looks at Rusty, that smug grin reappears. As per usual, Rusty’s boxing prowess heavily outweighs his opponent and Christina she is absolutely dominated. It starts out pretty light as “Twinkle Toes” just dances around Christina, countering where he sees fit, but after a KO out of nowhere drops Christina, the battle heats up. Christina’s top comes off, mesmerizing Rusty for just a second, as she bounces around, ready for round two. From here the topless legend spends more time on her heels and on the mats then fighting back, as any chance of her putting up a fight goes out the window. We get multiple KOs and multiple knockdowns before the match comes to an end. But it’s not quite over yet for Christina, as my favorite icing on my boxing cake, a little human heavy bag, takes place just to make sure Christina knows who’s in charge. I’ve seen Christina play the submissive role in plenty of superheroine vids, but because of her stature, it’s not often that she plays the jobber in boxing or wrestling. So, this was a really treat for me to not only see her defeated, but dominated in a way that only Rusty can really provide for us.

Overall score: 9/10