Review of Choke Match!

Review of Defeated Choke Match! – 21 Mins

stellaThe match begins with some chokes, Stella can’t fight back as Meda is more than double than her. Direct choke, reverse choke, choke with Stella’s own arms. Meda puts her in a body scissor while choking her too, before putting her into her huge legs for a headscissor. Stella is destroyed and can fight back no more. Meda begins to pinch her nipples until Stella begs here to stop! Meda frees her, but she forces Stella to kiss her feet, on her knees!! Not happy, she scissors her head until she passes out. Now is time to play, a new doll for Meda. Stella gets ragdolled for a little bit before Meda’s victory pose!

More Defeated action for you guys and we are going back to one of my favorite things to see and that is of course Stella being destroyed. Again she tangles with Meda and again Meda easily destroys her. This time Meda uses a lot of chokes to defeat Stella. Stella struggles amazingly, but never gets away. Stella looks great in her outfit and those abs of hers look better than even. Unfortunately for Stella her top doesn’t stay in place and Meda is quick to and some nipple torture that has Stella begging to be set free. Of course Meda only KOs Stella and then decides to ragdoll Stella for a little while. Nothing wraps up a great Stella squash like a little ragdolling, I love it. More great Defeated action coming soon, they have some great looking releases that I’ll be covering asap.

Overall score: 9.5/10