Review of Cherry Crusher

Review of DefeatedCherry Crusher – 22.5 mins

As you should know, Cherry has definitely proved herself to be one of the toughest girls on our roster, crushing just about every female she faces and even holding her own against most of the males, sometimes. So she is never one to back down from a fight, even when she’s not dressed for combat. And that’s how we got to what you’re about to see here. Vince picks a fight with Cherry, when she’s dressed to impress and not prepared for fight. However, Cherry is afraid of no one and takes Vince on anyway. This, unfortunately for cherry was a major mistake, ads Vince takes total advantage of her and puts her through the kind of mixed squash match Vince and the guys are quickly becoming famous for. Cherry, of course is no push over, so she puts up quite the resistance, but it never enough to give her the upper hand and after a while even Cherry runs out of gas and becomes too weak to even struggle against Vince’s dominance. That’s when Vince decides to get frisky, taking the rest of Cherry’s cloths off, minus her sexy thigh high boots, and begins to sexually humiliate / dominate Cherry. With Cherry too weak to fight, Vince does whatever he pleases until he’s bored and finally puts the near ragdoll out for the night with a final sleeper.

Back again with more Defeated action for you guys and this time we have another one of those great mixed squash matches that Defeated is becoming so popular for making. This one stars the lovely Cherry, who is definitely one of the girls we don’t get to see play the jobber too often. She, unsurprisingly, does an excellent job, not only at selling her defeat, but also at reminding us that she’s not a jobber. She struggles against his dominance for most of the match, not just getting helplessly crushed like most other girls would have. Luckily, for me, her efforts were in vain as she slowly runs out of energy and is soon enough at Vince’s mercy. At that point, she’s helpless and that’s when Vince really starts to have his way with her. I have been loving these mixed squash matches, but this one is extra special to me and that is be Cherry’s sexy thigh high boots never get removed, which is damn near a miracle to see from Defeated, but also something I have been begging to see for quite a while. So we get a good hard fight, that is still totally one sided, all that brutality and humiliation we’ve come to expect in these kind of matches and her boots stay on for. The whole match, now that’s a cherry on top if I’ve ever seen one.

Overall score: 9.5/10