Review of Cheers To A Beatdown

Review of Velvets FantasiesCheers To A Beatdown – 21 mins

The scene opens with a high school student’s web series titled “Nerd World”.  In this week’s episode, we explore common problems and solutions for today’s complex and difficult society standards. Nerd World will be taking on one of the oldest and most confounding enemies the nerd has ever faced: THE CHEERLEADER! Both alluring and cruel. Irresistible yet unobtainable. What’s a nerd to do? On Nerd World, he will be showing you how to get past those jitters and nerves we all face when trying to talk to a cheerleader.  We’ll learn about and see some of the common rebukes you are sure to face, how to handle them, and finally what to do after you’ve finally broken the ice. In walks Sinn Sage, the school’s most popular cheerleader. Known and feared for her status and bitchy attitude, Nerd World plans to expose this over privileged princess once and for all proving that even the most powerful of people can be broken down! True to form, Sinn Sage treats her presence like she’s God’s Gift to mankind. There can be only one solution to this problem: expose her for the whole school to see so she gets a taste of her own medicine! Things go from bad to worse for Miss Sage after she mocks and shoots down Mr. Nerd World one too many times, and the beatdown begins. What ensues is a brutal sequence of a one-sided beatdown that humiliates the once arrogant cheerleader. Belly blows, crotch shots, wedgies, being collared and shocked into a drooling mess…nothing is off the table here! Finally, Nerd World concludes it’s episode with one final bout of humiliation. The once confident cheerleader has been worn down and helplessly pleads for this to stop, but it won’t be till we get to see one more item in action: THE PLEASURE TASER.  With one push of a button, Miss Sage gets to feel the overwhelming sensation of pleasurable pain that after a few zaps sends her into a deep state of unconsciousness! The lesson is learned for today on another episode of NERD WORLD!

Velvets Fantasies is really on to something with this one, much like “Learning The Hard Way” with Coco, this one is more of a beat down then a sleepy vid, which is excellent for me, as I just love beat downs and even better I love Sinn Sage. This one actually gets even better than just being a beat down and starring Sinn Sage, as a lot of the KOs here are over the top. There is a lot of twitching in this vids, from the punches, the collar attached to the leash and the “pleasure” tazer at end, all cause a good mount of twitching from the lovely Sinn. There’s also some other OTT elements with a little tongue protrusion and a great drooling scene. This storyline is also pretty great, the angry nerd role really fits SK, better than you would think and Sinn of course can play the cocky cheerleader. Beating the stuffing out of a cheerleader because she shut you down would be extreme in the real world, but here in Velvets Fantasies, it’s a fitting punishment for a cheerleader whose head has blown out of proportion, to put her back in her place. The beat down is pretty great too, as head nerd in charge uses he’s special power glove to brutally beat the crap out the snooty cheerleader, with no attacks being off limits. Gets a little better when the cheerleader outfit comes off and the tazer comes into play at the end.  I really like that we have gotten a few of these beat down Velvets videos, it’s great sexy, brutal, and luckily for me, fairly over the top. It was also great to have both Sinn Sage and Coco as the starring victims so far. I hope we get more vids like this.

Overall Score: 9.5/10