Review of Cheater Prospers… Momentarily

Review of DefeatedCheater Prospers… Momentarily – 28 mins

Stella and Meryl are set to have a match where the first one to score a 5 count pin wins. The girls accept the rules, disrobe and begin. Stella dodges Meryl’s first attack and counters with her own low blow, doubling Meryl over. Stella grabs Meryl by the hair and reaches for a something wrapped up in her robe, turns out to be a metal pipe. Stella cracks Meryl over the back of the head with the pipe and Meryl instantly goes out cold, twitching and drooling. An evil smile comes over Stella face as she pulls at the already reveling clothing of Meryl’s reveling the limp girl even more. Stella takes a few more cracks at the twitching wrestler before going for the pin. Meryl is completely out and Stella gets the 5 count pin and the victory without a problem. Stella takes the pipe she used to beat Meryl and sticks it in Meryl’s mouth. Stella then goes for her post match interview, where of course she brags about how easy it was to beat Meryl. Stella goes on for a while, and never notices Meryl rising like a phoenix for the ashes. She is pissed and she has the pipe in her hand. Stella’s spidey sense kicks in a little too late as she turns just in time to catch the pipe swinging into her face. Stella goes down and out in an instant. Meryl is furious and intends to get a healthy compensation for the assault Stella did to her and she does. Meryl beats the ever living life out of Stella for just about 20 minutes. For the majority of the beat down, Stella is a complete ragdoll, with her eyes rolled back in her head, her tongue hanging out, drooling all over the mats and twitching like crazy. There are a few moments where Stella is conscious, but is still completely helpless. Meryl makes sure to dominate and humiliate Stella in every way possible, verbally and physically, even making sure to get several 5 count pins on Stella, to make up for Stella winning the official match. Meryl also makes sure to let everyone know just who Stella really is, writing “CHEAT” across Stella’s chest and removing her top so everyone can see. Finally, Meryl feels well compensated for Stella’s pervious insult. The Camera lady hands Meryl as glass of water, knowing she’d be exhausted after such a matchup. Meryl takes a sip and spits it on Stella, then takes her victory pose over the still twitching Stella. Meryl stick her toes in Stella’s mouth and pours the water down her leg, letting it shower Stella and run down her let into Stella’s mouth. Meryl has one last thing she wants, and that’s Stella top, taking it as a prize. Meryl then leaves Stella, beaten, broken, humiliated, defeated, still twitching and laying in a puddle of water on the mats.

Got some more Defeated action for you guys and this was a last minute addition to this update, I saw they posted this video while grabbing the info I need for the other review, bought it, watched and decided that you guys needed to know about this video as soon as possible, because it is outstanding and just what the doctor ordered. This video has my name written all over it, so much so, that if any of you saw this before my review, you would have probably thought it was a custom of mine, but you would be wrong. I had zero to do with this video, but it certainly carries my style. Stella getting a brutal OTT beat down with lots of ragdolling, multiple pins and tons and tons of OTT reactions, yeah that’s me all day. And I have got to say, it is so good to have new Stella action, I’ve missed her so much and no better way to have her pop back up on Defeated’s site then is outstanding vid. I also love this story, with Stella cheating for a quick win over Meryl, with Meryl selling just as OTT as she would make Stella sell while extracting her revenge, it’s fantastic. The only thing I wouldn’t do is the wrapping/covering of Stella’s face, it was a pretty small moment in this video, and Meryl didn’t really get Stella’s face covered that well, but I’d never stop that amazing eye rolling and tongue protrusion for anything, but again, very small moment in the video. I did love the humiliation in this too, the best being at the end with Meryl pouring the water down her leg and all over Stella, best victory pose ever, no question. Anyway, new Italian roster video, means Defeated took a visit to their old home and there will be more videos to come. This was a hell of a way to kick it off an I cannot wait to see what else they have done on their visit.  

Overall Score: 10/10