Review of Cheater Friend? Destroyed bitch

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Review of DefeatedCheater Friend? Destroyed bitch – 4 Mins

stellaStella slept with Elizabeth’s boyfriend, and Elizabeth confronts Stella about it. Elizabeth almost instantly flies into a rage and starts to hit Stella’s pussy with kicks and punches. Stella is destroyed in seconds, in pain on the floor and can’t fight back, just suffer. Elizabeth is not satisfied, she smashes Stella’s head into the floor several times then finishes her with a neck snap.

Back with more Defeated action and this one is really, really quick, but extremely good. Thee a little bit of a story, with Elizabeth yelling at Stella and Stella trying to think of something to save herself. Doesn’t work as Elizabeth completely flies off the handle attacking Stella using all low blows, while continuing to yell at her. It is really intense and really good. Stella is helpless is seconds and again does and awesome job selling the fear, nervousness, and of course the pain. Once Stella is almost KO’d, Elizabeth bashes her head into the floor until she quits moving and a few more even after. I normally wouldn’t bother bringing you guys a review of a 4 mins video, but this one crams in some high quality, intense and brutal action into this tiny clip that actually makes it worth checking out.

Overall Score: 9/10