Review of Charlie’s Training Session

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsCharlie’s Training Session – 21.5 mins

Cute little Charlie has received an invitation from Becca to do some training followed by a match to see how she’s progressing. When Charlie meets Becca in the studio it turns out that Becca has tricked her and paid off Vanessa Harding to destroy the poor girl! In a match filled with body scissors, figure four leglocks, ankle locks, a camel clutch, corner beatings, a clothesline, airplane spin, body slams, and a knockout stunner poor Charlie is severely beaten. There’s focus on her cute little feet plus some great rag dolling until she’s knocked out. Vanessa leaves and Becca strips out of her clothes down to her bikini and works over poor Charlie some more, finishing her off with the John Cena pro wrestling “You can’t see me” and “Attitude adjustment” finishing moves! As Becca gathers her clothes to leave she’s attacked by Vanessa because she paid her off with counterfeit money! Vanessa destroys Becca with many of the same tactics she used on Charlie with more focus on rag dolling, limp play, and Vanessa’s signature sharpshooter hold! In the end we have Becca and Charlie piled together unconscious on the mats.

This video really turns out to be 3 short squashes in one neat package. First Charlie gets fooled into have a match with Vanessa, then Becca comes in and beats up Charlie some more, and finally Vanessa comes back and beat up Becca for paying her with fake money. The story in this works great, it’s similar to “Welcome Home, Madison”. I really like Charlie so far, she’s super cute and even though she’s still pretty new, I think she’s been doing well and does a good job here. I always look forward to seeing a vid with her losing. Becca as always if great on both sides of the match and I love that she did some John Cena antics, they’re not perfect but it was very funny. Having Becca crushed by Vanessa is definitely the best part. Always great to see Becca defeated and Vanessa is one of the best heels out there. The whole time Becca is getting dominated, Charlie is laid out in the background, completely out cold from her two opponents, and Charlie stays out even when Vanessa picks her up to pile her on Becca. There’s plenty of submission holds in this too, with a clear focus on both Becca’s and Charlie’s feet while they’re in holds and a nice showing during the body pile at end. It’s easy to love this one with some much packed into it and a job well done by everyone involved.

Overall Score: 9.5/10