Review of Charlie Meets a Legend

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsCharlie Meets a Legend – 11.5 Mins

When Hollywood makes her first appearance at FWR she finds a sad Charlie sitting ringside. The rookie wrestler tells Hollywood that no one takes her seriously and she doesn’t know what to do. Hollywood offers to show the young girl some wrestling holds and they climb in the ring.  When the visiting beauty lets Charlie apply a head scissors on her, the little girl suddenly applies intense pressure and knocks Hollywood out! It turns out that Charlie was setting Hollywood up so that she could gain more respect here at FWR! But the rookie takes a little too long to pin Hollywood and finds herself trapped between the long powerful legs of our visitor! What follows is a long string of knockouts on poor Charlie including a dragon sleeper, some boxing glove lessons, a sleeper hold, and a final reverse figure four head scissors! Poor Charlie learned a valuable lesson … don’t mess with a legend!

The term legend almost feels like an understatement when referring to Hollywood, a pioneer in the industry, she paved the way for so much of what we get to enjoy today. So shame on beautiful newcomer Charlie for thinking that she could pull a fast one on the seasoned veteran. On second thought, this is exactly what I’ve been hoping to see, Charlie dominated and repeatedly KO’d. It’s a definite bonus to be by the hand of the iconic Hollywood. Speaking of bonuses, it also a bonus to see a Hollywood KO in there, a boxing KO mixed in, and another bonus is that Charlie is in a bikini with boots and knee pads. Charlie did about as well as I hoped, she is a super cute jobber and sold her defeat very well. She does keep her eyes closed too much, but she’ll learn to get passes that, and then we’ll have another really awesome jobber a FWR, to hopefully get destroyed repeatedly and you can never have enough of those. I really wanted to see Charlie in a match like this, I’m really happy I got it, it’s even sweeter because of Hollywood too and I can’t wait to see Charlie squashed again.  

Overall Score: 9.5/10